Riga Stag Hotel

  • Great Accommodation

    Great Accommodation

    Riga Stag Hotel offers accommodation for favourable price. 30 euros for one night including pool, sauna and billiards.

    ONLY 30EUR
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  • Riga Limo Strip Party

    Riga Limo Strip Party

    Enjoy your stag weekend in Riga in the best limo with the best stripper in Riga. Have the most amazing time when visiting Riga.Take a champagne with you and let the party start!

    ONLY 275EUR
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  • Riga Stag Hotel

    Riga Stag Hotel

    Enjoy your wonderful night at Riga Stag Hotel! Drink as much alcohol as you can and don’t worry about the place where to stay – a bed afterwards is provided for you.

    ONLY 99EUR
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  • Hummer Limo Strip Party

    Hummer Limo Strip Party

    Your party in Riga in a powerful Hummer limo with an amazing Riga stripper. Take pleasure from your visit of Riga. The beautiful Latvian girl will make you forget about everything.

    ONLY 510EUR
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  • Riga Lesbi strippers

    Riga Lesbi strippers

    Do You see those beautiful Latvian girls in the picture? Don’t let your imagination be the only source, take the offer and have the most amazing time when visiting Riga.

    ONLY 199EUR
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  • Riga Private Stripper

    Riga Private Stripper

    The most beautiful girls in Riga will bewitch you and your friends with their spectacular moves on the table. Riga strippers will blow your mind and make you want more.

    ONLY 140EUR
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  • Single Room

    Single Room

    Stylish and Sophisticated Rooms for Riga Guests

    Riga Stag Hotel offers single rooms with king size comfortable beds for people, who want to relax from the fun of the previous night and prepare for the next day’s adventure! We offer stylish rooms with glamorous interior to keep up your party mood!
  • Sauna


    Hot and healthy sauna for your wellness

    Riga Stag Hotel offers a spacious traditional sauna for some extra comfort during your stay. Our sauna is perfect for everything: starting with a peaceful relaxation or a wild party with girls and beer! After warming up in sauna, you’ll feel so pleasantly tired that soft and delightful sleep is guaranteed! Visit us for a sauna treatment – we are located just 5 min. driving distance from the Old Town.
  • Pool


    Take a Swim in a Refreshing Pool

    Riga Stag Hotel has the perfect pool to chill out and have a swim with Riga girls! Have a break from the city tours, mad go-karts or shooting. Come to our hotel to relax by the pool in a company of beautiful Riga girls.
  • VIP Bar

    VIP Bar

    Your private VIP Bar

    Private Bar in the centre of Riga for your leisure time. Check out Riga Stag Hotel VIP bar to be treated like a king and served delicious cocktails by beautiful and sexy bar ladies, and to spice up your evening – request a strip show by the girl of your choice!
  • Restaurant


    Excellent Meals from Our Chef

    Riga Stag Hotel offers one of the best restaurants of the capital of Latvia. Enjoy your delicious meal and exquisite drinks in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Let us take care of you and your friends as of real kings! We don’t know such notions “bad service” or “unsavoury meal”, for everything we provide is perfect! Come and see for yourselves!
  • Bar


    Bar for Everyone's Taste

    Enjoy your vacations in Riga completely. Visit Riga Stag hotel and you’ll appreciate the professionalism of our bartenders. Savor delicious cocktails made by the best barmen in Riga. Bartenders are arranged especially for you and will make your wish about the perfect drinks come true.
  • Fireplace


    Relax in Riga Stag Hotel Fireplace

    Enjoy hot tea or a cocktail, listen to chill-out music and relax, while watching the dance of calming fire. You will be served by attentive, but unobtrusive waiters who will make sure you are not disturbed. Although Riga Stag Hotel is located just 5 minutes driving distance away from the city centre, it provides its clients you with peaceful atmosphere.
  • Billiards


    Organize a Billiard Tournament

    Riga Stag Hotel can satisfy any taste, even the most sophisticated one. Starting from a cozy fireplace to a luxurious restaurant, fancy bars, relaxing sauna, refreshing pool, and now also billiards. People who like to rest with comfort will definitely appreciate Riga Stag Hotel with various offers for its clients. For example, you can challenge friends and organize a real billiard tournament, or have a “topless billiards” game with our hostesses! So choose Riga Stag Hotel when visiting our hospitable city and let the fun begin!