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Enjoy Sauna in Riga Stag Hotel

Sauna helps to focus the mind, nurture the body and uplift the spirit. Do you know that sauna can improve your health? Check out some benefits that sauna has and prepare for leisure.

  • High temperature in sauna stimulates blood flow, which helps to lower blood pressure.
  • The dry heat of sauna helps to sweat out toxins and fight with cold or flu.
  • Sauna can be considered as a physical activity, as it burns calories (pretty amazing, isn’t it?).
  • Sauna relieves from stress, helps muscles to relax, and rejuvenates the body.

Experience sauna at Riga Stag Hotel before returning to all the hustle and bustle in your country.

P.S. It is also a great hangover cure!

Sauna Special Offers

  • 69€
    Naughty Sauna

    Naughty Sauna

    Visit Riga Stag hotel and enjoy naughty sauna visit together with one of our girls for Your choice. Make Your party in Riga hot.

  • 25€
    Sauna + Beer

    Sauna + Beer

    What can be better than relaxing hot sauna together with refreshing beers. Visit Riga Stag hotel sauna and drink cold beers.

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