Riga Stag Hotel Orgies

Riga Stag Hotel Hotel in Riga is Top 1 gentleman hotel for stag and bachelor weekends in Riga. Thinking where to go in Riga and what's the best party places in Riga? Well, Riga Stag Hotel has it all. As we all know, stag hotels are hardly met but, congratulations – you have found the one - stag hotel in Latvia. Riga Stag Hotel is created as a necessity for either bachelor parties or just parties for men who want to relax, drink beer or any other beverages and just chill with friends in the sauna. We have a lot of special offers for you for cheap hotel prices! It is absolutely private for you and your friends. This is going to be an unforgettable party!

Riga Stag Hotel is located near the Old Town (city centre of Riga) - only 5 minutes driving distance, and 10 minutes from airport. The 569 m2 inside area holds spacious sauna with pool, several bars, dancing area with the best sound system for private sauna parties, pool table, several lounge rooms and more. We offer 18 twin rooms with king sized beds and 4 luxury suits

You are very welcome to Riga, in Riga Stag Hotel, by the nicest and best service staff you have ever seen. There is no such a term as self-service. We have everything you need – administrators, bartenders, waitresses, and strippers. You will not have to spend boring night among your male friends; the most beautiful strippers in Riga will take care of your visit in Riga.

Come to Riga Stag Hotel and you won't regret it. Visit Riga and book Riga Stag Hotel.

Riga Stag Hotel is a masterpiece, created for Riga guests to have a VIP place to party and relax. Our exclusive private club guarantees 100% confidentiality to our guests. We take care of your entertainment: from posh limo transfers to serving you delicious drinks – all of that in a company of the most beautiful and sexy Riga girls. We will make your Riga experience amazing!
  • Private Dance

    Get a private dance by a beautiful girl in Riga Stag Hotel and have a blast!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Private Dance in Riga Striptease Hotel
  • Table Dance

    Get an impressive table dance by one of our beautiful girls in Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Table Dance with Hot Girls in Riga
  • Twin Room

    Best offer for one night in Riga! Cheap price, great accommodation!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Twin Room in Riga Stag Hotel
  • Sado Mazo Devil Girls

    Try something new and exciting and get a Sado Mazo treatment by the hottest girl in Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Sado Mazo Devil Riga Girls
  • Girl Panties in Sale

    Get panties of your favorite girl in Riga Stag Hotel!

    Riga Sstag Hotel - Girl Panties Shop in Riga
  • Hot Swim

    Spend the best 1 hour in sauna and/ or pool with 1 girl of your choice!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Hot Swim in Riga Sauna
  • Soft Foam Shower

    Get a private show in shower by one of our beautiful girls from Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Soft Shower Foam Party in Riga
  • Pussy Trouble

    Experience a table dance and a private dance performance by one of our sexy girls!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Pussy Trouble Riga Hot Girls
  • Topless Double Trouble

    Get a private dance and a table dance from 2 girls!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Topless Double Trouble Striptease in Riga
  • Pussy Hunter

    Get a private dance by 4 girls at the same time! Damn!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Pussy Hunter Riga Stripclub Offer
  • Topless Billiards Game

    Play pool with a topless girl!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Topless Billiards Pool Game in the Best Riga Stripclub
  • Welcome to The Hell

    Get a private dance and a table dance by 2 extremely hot girls from Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Welcome to The Hell Party in Riga
  • Fireworks

    Wake up the whole city by throwing fireworks in Riga city!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Fireworks in Riga
  • Champagne Shower

    Get an exclusive show by on of the Villa Dreams girls with a Magnume champagne!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Champagne Show with the Most Beautiful Girls in Riga
  • Bar Demolition

    We'll provide you with 2 baseball bats and you will have 10 minutes to crash the whole bar down!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Bar Demolition in Riga Best Bar
  • Birthday Cake

    Throwing a birthday party in Riga? Come and spend it with the most beautiful girls in Riga and get a birthday cake!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Order a Birthday Cake in Riga
  • 10 Heineken Table

    We'll serve you 10 bottles of Heneken beer with a table dance from one of our sexy strippers!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Beer Heneken drinking in Riga Stag Hotel
  • 7 Heineken Table

    Get a table dance and 7 bottle of Heineken beer in our Riga Stag Hotel!
    Riga Stag Hotel - Beer party wth a Table Dance in Riga
  • 10 Tequila

    Always dreamed of taking shots from a girl's naked body? Take 10 tequila body shots!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Take Tequila Shots off of Girls Naked Body in Riga
  • 7 Tequila

    Get excited and take 7 tequila body shots of a naked girl!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Take Tequila Shots in Best Bar in Riga
  • 10 Black Balsam

    Try our Latvian Black Balsam from a naked girl's body! Hot!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Take 10 Shots of Balck Balsam from a Naked Girls Body
  • 7 Black Balsam

    Take 7 shots of Latvian National Black Balsam from a girl's body in the most fun place in Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Take Shots of Black Balsam from our Beautiful Girls Body
  • 10 Sombrero Table

    Take 10 hot Sombrero shots and get a free table dance by the hottest girl in Villa Dreams!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Sombrero Shots in Riga Best Bar
  • 7 Sombrero Table

    Spend an amazing party with Sombrero shots and a hot girl stripping down for you in Riga Stag Hotel!

    Riga Stag Hotel- Hot Sombrero Shots in Riga Bar Hotel
  • 10 Grey Goose

    Have an amazing time with Grey Goose shots from a girl's body!!!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Alcohol in Riga Stag Hotel
  • 7 Grey Goose

    Always dreamed of taking shots off of girl's body? Here is your opportunity!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Party with Grey Goose Shots in Riga
  • Pussy Dinner

    Enjoy dinner from girl's body! You've ever heard of anything like this? Villa Dreams has it all!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Exciting Dinner in Riga with Beautiful Pussycats
  • Cheese, Meat or Fruit Plate (L)

    Order a big meat, cheese or fruit plate of your choice and enjoy your night!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Try a Meat, Fruit or Cheese Plate in Riga Stag Restaurant
  • Meat, Cheese or Fruit Plate (XL)

    Get an XL meat, cheese or fruit plate with your buddies and have men's night!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Have a Little Snack in Riga Stag Hotel with Riga Girls
  • 1 hour Yacht

    Spend a great time with your friends on an exclusive yacht! + Every Next Hour 100 Euro

    Riga Stag Hotel - Party on a Yacht in Riga
  • Chrysler Limo 1 hour

    Rent a Chrysler 300 C Limousine and have a blast driving around Riga city!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Get a Limousine in Riga with a Striptease Dance
  • Hot Girl

    Would you like a beautiful Riga girl to join you in a limousine or Yacht party?

    Riga Stag Hotel - Riga Hot Girls
  • Hummer Limo 1 Hour

    Rent a badass Hummer Limousine in Riga and go to the best places in Riga!

    Riga Stag Hotel - Hummer Limo Rent in Riga

Riga Stag Hotel Special Offers

  • Riga stag hotel single bed accommodation in riga

    Great Accommodation

    Looking for a nice place to stay at when visiting Riga without overpaying? Riga Stag Hotel offers great accommodation for pleasing price. And what is more, not only it provides with a cozy bed, but also offers to enjoy its extras for free! Relax in sauna, take a swim in the pool or have fun playing billiards! Additionally, our bartenders will treat you with delicious cocktails. This is an offer you cannot reject! Check out our special offers, we have discounts and special season sales in Riga!

    ONLY 30EUR


    • Single Bed
    • Sauna
    • Pool
    • Billiards
    Book Now
  • Villa dreams riga special offer limousine crysler 300c best stag striptease strip limo party 2

    Riga Limo Strip Party

    Have the most amazing time of your life when visiting Riga. Take champagne and your friends with you and let the party start! Glamorous 2009 Chrysler 300C Super Stretch, which is suitable for 10 people, will make you feel like a movie star, while the stripper of your choice will fascinate you with her great movements. Enjoy the sightseeing in Riga; however, we doubt whether you be able to distract yourself from the beautiful Riga girl. Wanna try?

    ONLY 275EUR


    • Super Stretch limousine for 1 hour
    • 1 Naughty Striptease Dancer
    • 1 Bottle of Champagne
    • English Speaking Attendant
    Book Now
  • Villa dreams riga special offer best stag party   hotel room vodka and bed 2

    Riga Stag Hotel

    Enjoy your wonderful night at Riga Stag Hotel! Drink as much alcohol as you can and don’t worry about the place where to stay – a bed afterwards is provided for you. This is a great offer for you and your friends. You do not have to worry about how much money you will spent in your weekend at Riga. Alcohol without any limits is included in the price. Grab this opportunity!

    ONLY 99EUR


    • Single Bed
    • No limit alcohol use for 24 hours
    • Sauna
    • Pool
    • Nice Hostess
    • Airport Pick Up
    Book Now
  • Villa dreams riga special offer limousine hummer h2 best stag striptease strip limo party 2

    Hummer Limo Strip Party

    Feel the power of Hummers. Choose one of our 2 Hummer limousines either 2006 Hummer 2 Super Stretch or 2009 Hummer 2 Super Stretch, which both are suitable for 28 people, and enjoy your stag weekend in Riga. Even more, one of the best strippers in Riga will entertain you and your friends. The beautiful Latvian girl will make you forget about everything. Want to have a remarkable experience while visiting Riga? Take the chance and be amazed!

    ONLY 510EUR


    • 1 Naughty Striptease Dancer
    • English Speaking Attendant
    • Hummer 2 Super Stretch Limousine for 1 hour
    • 2 Bottles of Champagne
    Book Now
  • Villa dreams riga special offer best strip lesbi show striptease stag party 2

    Riga Lesbi strippers

    Do you see those beautiful Latvian girls in the picture? Does it make you want to see them together in reality? Everything is possible! Lezbi show in Riga will take you to another reality from which you will not want to return. Don’t let your imagination be the only source, take the offer and have the most amazing time when visiting Riga. Maybe You’re looking for an entertainment for a stag weekend in Riga? Your bachelor friend will be grateful to you for your amazing gift and will always remember it as the best adventure in Riga.

    ONLY 199EUR


    • Lesbian Striptease Shows
    • Welcome Drink
    • Nice Hostess
    Book Now
  • Villa dreams riga special offer striptease stag best strip table dance party on table 2

    Riga Private Stripper

    You have no ideas how to celebrate your stag weekend in Riga? Here goes the offer made just for you. The most beautiful girls in Riga will bewitch you and your friends with their spectacular moves on the table. Riga strippers will blow your mind and make you want more. You cannot imagine your holidays in Riga without the most important component – Riga girls. Be ready and prepare some cash!

    ONLY 140EUR


    • 1 Naughty Striptease Dancer
    • Welcome Drink
    • Nice Hostess
    Book Now