Riga Stag Hotel Photo Galleries

In this gallery, you can have a look at the interior of Riga Stag hotel premises - two bars, a fire place lounge, a billiard room, a swimming pool, a sauna and much more other extras. In order to receive an impression about great parties in Riga Stag hotel, please, take a look at the photo report from our parties. Riga Stag hotel – the place for the craziest stag parties in Riga with the most beautiful party girls ever! So take a look!

Riga Stag Hotel Interior

Our Rocking Party Guests

Refreshing Stag Hotel Pool

Hot Sauna Relaxation

Naughty Stag Hotel Billiards

Posh and Sexy Limo Rides

Daytime Activities – Stag Karting

Daytime Activities - Shooting

Daytime Activities - Beerbike